Facts about Obesity

By | May 15, 2012

  1. Currently over 1 billion people are overweight and at least 300 million are clinically obese

  2.  Women are more obese than men.

  3. Obesity risk increases with rising age.

  4.  In children of age group 5-17 years, the prevalence of overweight is below 10 percent in Africa   and Asia and in Americas and Europe above 20 percent.

  5. Body Mass Index (BMI = Weight (kg)/ Height) is used to measure the obesity in adults and BMI percentile charts in children.

  6. Obesity decreases the life expectancy 

  7. It increase the chances of developing coronary heart diseases , type 2 diabetes , joint diseases, certain types of cancers, low self esteem and respiratory problems.

  8. In children the psychological problems especially in the girls are more pronounced 

  9. Risk factors for obesity are poverty , certain ethnic groups (South Asian women and Carribeans) and sedentary life style.

  10. Risk factors in children include the obese parents  and watching TV

  11. Treatment of obesity is through low calorie diets, increase physical activity and  drugs and surgery .Drugs (Xenical) and surgery (bariatric surgery) are reserved for adults only.

  12. Commercial organizations concerned with  obesity treatment are weight watchers , slimming clubs and can help in decreasing the rising trend of obesity if they provide the cheap services to overweight and obese people.

  13. Prevention is through population awareness of health diets and benefits of active lifestyle.