Doctors jobs in Philippines

By | October 17, 2023

To work as a foreign doctor in the Philippines, you typically need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) License: You must obtain a license from the PRC, which is the regulatory body for professionals in the Philippines. This license allows you to practice medicine in the country.
  2. Certificate of Recognition: If you obtained your medical degree from a foreign institution, you need to secure a Certificate of Recognition from the PRC. This certificate validates your foreign medical degree in the Philippines.
  3. Board Examination: You may be required to pass the Philippine Physician Licensure Examination, which is administered by the PRC. This examination assesses your knowledge and skills in medicine.
  4. Residency Training: Some foreign doctors are required to complete a residency program in a Philippine hospital. This is often a prerequisite for specialization.
  5. Good Moral Character: You should demonstrate good moral character and provide character references as part of the licensing process.
  6. Visa and Work Permit: Ensure you have the appropriate visa and work permit to legally practice medicine in the Philippines. You may need to consult with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration regarding your specific situation.

Please note that requirements can vary, and it’s essential to check with the PRC and other relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information and specific details related to your situation. Additionally, consider seeking assistance from a legal or professional advisor experienced in medical licensing in the Philippines.

The Philippine Children’s Medical Center

200-bed pediatric state pf the art hospital run by the Government. Apply for the vacant posts.

National Children’s Hospital

Established in 1947, provides healthcare services to the local community. The jobs page is under construction but you contact HR at 724-0656 to 59 (210)

DOH hospitals

See the list of hospitals being run by the Department of Health with email addresses and contact numbers of key persons you can email your resumes or contact them by phone

Philippine Orthopedic Center 

The 700-bed hospital provides specialty care to people with musculoskeletal disorders.

Asian Hospital and Medical Center

The JCI-accredited 241-bed five Star Hospital was established in 2012. Download the application here. Apply online or contact at

Philippine Heart Center

Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH)

Founded in 1956 provides excellent healthcare facilities to the people. Send your CV to

University of Santo Tomas Hospital

460-bed non-profit hospital. For vacant posts, you need to go to the HR department and ask for KAYE or VIVIAN of Human Resources or call 731-3001 local 2454.

Recruitment Agencies

List compiled by Philippines overseas employment administration.

Perpetual Succour Hospital of Cebu, Inc. is a Catholic, private, not-for-profit, non-stock corporation that is owned and managed by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres. It is a Level III, General, Training and Education Health Care Facility with a capacity of 372 beds.
San Juan de Dios Hospital is a well-established hospital that provides quality healthcare services to patients. It has a long history of providing healthcare services and has modern facilities and equipment to provide quality healthcare services to patients. The hospital has a friendly and accommodating staff and is a promising workplace with good machines and skilled staff.
Chong Hua Hospital is a highly regarded tertiary hospital in the Philippines and is the preferred referral hospital for physicians and patients seeking quality healthcare in the region. The hospital has two centers located in the cities of Cebu and Mandaue, with a total of 1,010 hospital beds, 1,012 board-certified medical and 2,162 allied healthcare staff, renowned training programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and equipment. Chong Hua Hospital is recognized as an industry leader and was commended by the Department of Health for rendering excellent services and facilities at par with those of the most respected hospitals in the world.
Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) was originally founded by the Maryknoll Sisters before World War II and was one of the many structures in the country destroyed by heavy artillery after the war. The hospital was rebuilt with financial aid from the Roman Archdiocese of Manila and was renamed Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital in honor of the first Filipino Cardinal. It is now managed by Colinas Verdes Hospital Managers Corporation and is recognized as one of the country’s leading hospitals specializing in various fields of medicine, including Cardiology, Oncology, Neurosurgery, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pulmonary Medicine, Nephrology, Urology, and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

The Medical City

The Medical City (TMC) is the largest healthcare network in the Philippines. It is composed of one flagship complex, four provincial hospitals, and over 50 clinics in Metro Manila and select provinces in the Philippines. TMC Main serves some 50,000 inpatients and 500,000 outpatients a year. The hospital is known for its clinical effectiveness and has rolled out home-based care options for a growing range of acute medical conditions.