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muhammad salman Mon Jan 22, 2001 

dear doctors
we all r passing a time that we will remember as a
golden moment 20-30 years later when lmu will be as
famous as king Edward, even better may be. we r having
the convocation today the journey as a medical
university. wish to meet with all of u as a very
good, well reputed, best practicing doctors at the
middle sky of our career ,n remember the days in
lmc, may Allah grant us the opportunity.
my heartfelt best wishes
cadet salman

Mazhar Lakho May 19, 2001


I am exhilarated beyond imagination to join this wonderful group.

Thanks to Sheraz and others involved in forming this much needed

group and the wonderful website.

We overseas physicians from Sindh are also trying to form an

international network and look forward to having a healthy co-operation

with Medical Students, Medical Staff Members and other clinicians in Sind.

Our website is still under construction but you may visit it at

With all due respect to my seniors and colleagues on ABS Medical Network , here is my brief introduction.

I belong to a small village in Naushero Feroze taluko. Studied in a Primary Sindhi

School then was sent to study in Quetta Grammar School in May of 1961. After

passing my Senior Cambridge Examination, I did my Inter Science from Government College

Kari Mori Hyderabad. In 1970 was selected to LMC against open seats.

In 1975-76 was elected to the post of President LMC Students Union. Contesting

against me were the political student organizations namely Jiye Sindh Students

Federation and Peoples Student Federation. Our anchoring aim and slogan was

” Down with DIRTY politics and up with Profession” My friends and class mates

will tell you that we did succeed in many ways once we put aside the dirty destructive politics

and did some real work.

In 1977 I joined National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Karachi and in 1981

moved to the US . Here it was very difficult to get into a Residency Program as it

is now. So I had to wait about five years before getting into an Internal Medicine

training Program at Texas Tech University El Paso. In the mean time for survival

purposes I did an unapproved fellowship in Hematology and Oncology in Morton

Cancer and Research Hospital Dallas Texas . And then also did some time doing

odd jobs.

In 1989 I joined ST. Paul Hospital Critical Care for a year in ST.Lous after completing

my residency in El Paso Texas . And then in 1990 at the suggestion of Drs Vakassi, Amanullah

Pathan and Dr Abdul Wahab Kazi moved to their small town Belleville Illinois which is about 30 miles

from ST. Louis . Belleville has a population of about 50,000 but in area it may be larger

than Hyderabad . I have a solo Internal Medicine practice here and

it does fairly well.I did my Board Certification from American Board of Internal Medicine

in 1991.

In 1999 I was elected to two year term of President of SANA. I do not know

how much effective our team of 12 EC members was. Only time will tell.

I am married to my cousin Asma Lakho. She is from the same village in Sind. We have four very

lovely and spoiled kids Sabrina 10, Saleha 7, Mahreen 3, and Noor Ahmed Lakho 16 months old.

I think above is enough as far as blowing my own TRUMPET is concerned.


Mazhar Lakho MD

LMC 77

Belleville , IL


Dear all
Check out  ( World medical leaders .com) Lectures by world
class physicians, Free for three months, no credit card required.

Friends, is an excellent source of medical pages

on web. If you know this site you do not have to look

for another source for surfing the internet for medical purposes


Muhammad ilyas siddiqui Mon Jun 18, 2001

Medical education in sindh: setting things straight!
By Muhammad Ilyas Siddiqui

To bring much needed “change” in medical education, it  requires long-term orientation and clarity of vision .Though much have been written about the subject in consideration, quite often it remains a matter of  arguments and discussions sessions without much being seen for implementation. For us to write about improving the public health of society or education at colleges and universities should not come without knowing the environment the inhabitants of the Sind live in. It is indeed a matter of deep grievance to visit and visualize the living conditions of Sind population characterized by poverty ridden hopelessness syndrome.

You and me – all are known about the prevailing conditions of the general health of interior Sind. Just to revise it is a bitter nucleus formed by tuberculoses, unavailability of water, and absence of sanitary facilitates, large family structure, illiteracy and so on. In all this there is a vital  role that medical education and the people of the field are supposed to play but unfortunately it does not happens to the extent a developing society would or should expect.

To bring much needed “change” in medical education, it requires long-term orientation and clarity of vision. The institutions, administrations and students all are aware of the problems as well as solutions but it has to be done in discrete way. It is pivotal that the issues are not just ‘talked out’ but are ‘acted upon’ as well. It requires ‘just do it’ attitude and bailout has to come from within. Change management is always a constant process and it has to be handled with care to make it a successful program.

When a system is devised its performance and output is determined by the input and process. And in the subject under discussion medical students form the foremost input and medical colleges/universities and perhaps doctors act as processes. And doctors then become input and the chain continues. To start with as output is the function of input, the relationship of this bond has to be strengthened. A student that enters the system should with a mindset to serve rather than earn and the standards set by college or university he or she is entering has to demonstrate this by setting the prime examples.

There are no doubts over the ill fact that doctors produced today are short of confidence and lack technical knowledge when they come onto field. More than anything, it is because of the quality of education. Lack of facilities combined with unwillingness to shift to modern methods of education is the key reasons to have miserable conditions today.

Needless to say that there are exceptions and there are institutes with modern styles of education today, the trend however has dominated Management Science and Computer Science and not much has been acclimatizing by Medical Sciences. The following points just attempt to present a few suggestions in this regard, which might be of some consideration.

From the first day of the MBBS, students should be made aware about the medical and health conditions at different parts of the country by means of orientation programs, seminars and guest speaker sessions. These are not mere lip services but do bring in motivations to have a future in students.

Frequent guest speakers sessions from the experts shall be conducted on different dimension of medical science so that students have better horizon so think about career lines and can arouse interest in fields they are unknown of.

Colleges and universities have to be equipped with the audio/visual libraries and computer libraries. It is difficult to understand that when education has become so easy with the emergence of internet and much can be learned with demonstration CDs, we resist showing any move towards such systems. It has never been convenient for either teacher or students to be in dissection hall. Imagine one body for over 60 students and teacher trying to cope up while students jumping to have a look.

Examination system has to be taken beyond any doubt of integrity. All over the places, Mcqs have proven to be effective but we are still happy to carry with memory tests. Frequent short tests and spot quiz help but strictness in attendance and punctuality has to be ensures as the preamble.

There should be publications written by students and teachers on monthly or quarterly basis. This helps learning; sharing of knowledge is important, beside it has other advantages too. Separate publications shall be made by students of each year so that the foundation of constant learning can be laid all along the graduation tenure.

Exclusive medical science internet labs should be established. This should give students an environment to feel in the medical world and acquire latest notes on the medical science free of cost. Nowhere in the academic places are such services charged and so should not be in this case.

Students have to be teamed up with teachers. Students should be given the sense of responsibility if they are to be something of value generators. For example, emergency centers should be established at some potential locations and students should be engaged in services to gain confidence and to know about the problems of patients. Essentially, a blood bank is required with all medical college/university hospitals that should register the unique number to all the students and doctors with their blood groups so that  casualties can be handled on time.

Free camps for various diseases and treatments have to be arranged to cover the maximum population and to know more and more about the places where medical  facilities should be upgraded immediately.

On the patients’ side, administrators have to ensure that medicines are available at affordable prices. The time runners should be in communication with government to get subsidiary rates and assured supply.

Operation theatres and medical equipments have to be upgraded. The use of new machines and technologies has to be brought in and proper technicians of the field  should be employed. Another thing that is uncommon at our place and is
definitely required is the research. It is the information and data collection that is required to help the causes. Unless or until, unknown is not converted to known, not much can be expected. Findings have to be revealed so that the free camps and emergency centers etc can be established at ideal locations. It would be wise if medical institutes open
their public health research centers.

All this would not come free of cost. It certainly requires lot of funds and it is the responsibility of administration to highlight all this through media and communicate message to the health ministry. Task teams should come in direct interaction with government to get the finances to get work done and NGOs as well  shall make their contribution.

All said and done, what it requires to begin with is the commitment. ‘Commitment’ is the name of change.  These papers and discussion just serve the purpose of awareness and temporary satisfactions. It is vital that things are narrowed down and physically  implemented at optimal level. People would only cooperate if they see things actually changing.  Instead of short-term solutions, steps of permanent nature are to be taken. Once the process is initiated and continuation assured, there is no reason that  struggle do not reap the fruit.


The author is the MBBS final year student at Liaquat
University of Medical Health and Science (LUMHS)
Jamshoro, Sindh.

Parkash Mandhan Jul 10, 2001


Dr. Sheraz Memon,
> Nice Job and excellent effort to bring up your Alma matter.
> Congratulations and best wishes for your future success.
> Parkash Mandhan
> Pediatric Surgeon
> LUMHS Fri Jul 27, 2001   5:26am


Dear Mahmood

You have accomplished a great job by organizing magnificent meeting of LMC
Alumni at Chicago . Thank you very much for sending me the comprehensive
information on the proceedings of this meeting. Reading your e-mail, I
thought I was
meeting my old friends!

Dr. Jan Mohammed Memon is now back home, and is full of praise for you and
other friends who have played an instrumental role in the organization of
this event. I am confident that the process you friends have initiated for
harnessing the support
of LMC Alumni for strengthening of our alma mater shall blossom with each day
and we together will be able to make our mother institution a great seat of
medical learning.

Please convey my Salams to all friends and classmates.

With best regards

Yours sincerely

Dr. Sirajul Haque Shaikh


sheraz ahmed Thu Aug 2, 2001  6:20pm


we are deeply grieved at the tragic demise of
, who died today.

nimaz-e- janaza will be offered tommorrow friday 3rd
august 2001
janaza will leave for prayers and funeral procession
at 9.00 am from
his defence residence hyderabad .

we offer sincere condolence to the family and pray to
almighty Allah to grant
him eternal peace and rest (AMIN)


sheraz ahmed
ilyas siddiqui



Mazhar Lakho


We in Belleville are also deeply grieved to learn about the sad demise

of Dr Aslam Ghaloo. He and his wife were here in Belleville  for about two

months about ten years ago. He had a complicated coronary artery

disease and was successfully treated for that.

Ilyas and Sheraz pl.convey our heart felt

condolences to his children and particularly his wife.


Mazhar Lakho

LMC 77

Belleville , IL


sheraz ahmed” Mon Aug 6, 2001  2:04pm


hi all
i recieved this email 2 days ago and as i am a medical student so is there
any body on this network who can advice this person.

from.< >
peipheral heral nerve disease
>Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 18:34:06 +0300
>Dear Sir ,
> Since 8 years I am suffering from limbs weakness and feet
> drop and using splints to support walking . The case was
> diagnosed as Marie- Charcot polyneuropathy : is it so
> since it is not progressive since it started .This is contrary
> to what the NEUROLOGIST told me , may I get any
> confirmation in order to find the proper treatment ?
> Now I am using Vitamin E .1000 iu daily only and I am
> trying some exercises . Is any suggestions for certain
> physiotherapy?



ilyas siddiqui
Date: Tue Oct 9, 2001   9:44pm

Dear liaquatian members

If any one of you is interested to donate their books/notes of
First/Second Prof: for needy/poor students then please contact me..

old final year mbbs


Dear Members

This website has the meanings of all medical and
abbreviations – 40,000 thousand of them. You can also
search a
database of 40 million scientific articles.

Christian Nordqvist


Nadeem Shah Nov 6, 2001


Dear liaquatian,
first of all salam to all,i was in medical college and graduated in
1991 and now here in usa for 8 years but still miss the college the
city and most of all Pakistan.

i just like to share some info i been hearing for some time.

Human growth hormone (hGH) replacement therapy is one of the most
promising of all the anti-aging treatments. Ongoing medical research
and clinical studies indicate that six months of hGH replacement
therapy can reverse several bio-markers of aging by TEN to TWENTY
years! Reported effects of human growth hormone therapy include:

decreased body fat, increased lean mass, increased bone density,
increased energy levels, improved skin tone and texture, improved
immune system function, and a greater sense of well-being.
i have seen people here are using it to built muscle mass. it is safe
but u have to be careful with dosing and duration.
i hope this help some readers
Nadeem Shah, M.D.


Muhammad Ilyas Siddiqui Wed Nov 7, 2001  0:20pm


Web site on Tele Medicine in Pakistan

College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan .

Muhammad Ilyas Siddiqui Fri Nov 23, 2001   11:38am

Dear Sir,

I have plan to go Pakistan on 25th of December 2001,
any student who has passed Intermediate and who want
to go to Ireland or Uk .

I have an offer from some institutes for admission of
students, for the session of 2002. Total
cost of course is 3000£ included
one year course fees and enrolment fees.

This is Medicine course (Diploma) study included
Anatomy Physiology, Pathology, Clinical Medicine,
Haemeopathic, Herbal Medicine, Chinese medicine,

Toefel or IELTS is not compulsory, but those have
already completed that is plus point.

After completion person is eligible to work in UK ,
Germany and Ireland , if any one who is interested and
want to avail this opportunity welcome.

With best wishes.

Dr Noor A. Jatoi

SWALEHA BALOCH” Wed May 8, 2002   10:15am


i’m a student of 1st yr bds in liaquat university and i would like to join
ur grp.. pls let me know the good points of joinin’ this group.. for a long
time i hv been lookin;’ for something on the net which wud help me in my
studies… i hope u wont dissapoint me..
Old first yr bds
student.. swaleha


Muhammad Ilyas Siddiqui Wed May 8, 2002   11:57am


Welcome to the liaquatian group.
Kindly submit your profile online at in students section and dont
forget to sign the guest book.
Here you can discuss Medical/Health related issues and
projects of Sindh & Pakistan,you can freely
share,discuss the Education system of LUMHS,giving new
ideas and many more…
you will find a lot of Stuff in the liaquatian website
made by DR-SHERAZ..
Please invite liaquatians who are connected with the
world of internet on this liaquatian forum..specially
from BDS department.. you are welcome here.

hope to hear from you.



Fady Aziz” Thu  May 9, 2002   2:17am


Hi Sheraz and everybody on the list
first of all I’d like to introduce myself to the rest of the group.
My name’s Fady Aziz, a 5th year medical student in Suez Canal University in
Egypt .

Then I’d like to pose my great attention towards this very important issue
we’re dealing with here.
Generally how to choose a speciality here in our school is really
influenced by many factors. First, the like or dislike to the speciality,
then comes whether it suits or not…
for example as you mentioned there’s gender variability…it’s worth
mentioning that females don’t have the right to choose orthopaedic surgery
and almost surgery in general. this is quite well known in our school, so
that’s why you can’t find a female surgeon. and it’s really weird. and it’s
not right at all, and I’m totally against it.
the academic part takes most of the females as a most of the
clinicians are males.

also some students here when they get high grades in the final year and get
the opportunity to choose whatever speciality they want, they do a big
mistake by choosing surgery or medicine(as they are the top specialities)
when on the other hand they’re not qualified at all to be in that
speciality. And sure this will ruin their whole life cause they will face
many problems afterwards due to their unqualification for the career.

this is my opinion and hope to get in the discussion with you..

Looking forward to hearing from you..

Fady aziz


JAY SHARMA Thu  May 9, 2002   8:37am


hi this is jaysh here wish u every body on the
liaquatarians group a very good day
i want to discuss about the position of
education in the Pakistan . Education has become the
dream of a mad in the medical institutions coz a poor
intelligent person cant even afford the expenses of
the books and moreover the books piracy is ended ,.I
admit that the books piracy is a bad thing but just
imagine the students used to study that pirated books
and now what should they do and what should we do.


Muhammad Ilyas Siddiqui Tue May 28, 2002   6:53am


Dear friends
I had suffered a major Road Traffic accident yesterday
morning on my way to Jamshoro campus near Al-Manzar
Car-Truck accident. Allah saved my life and my friend
Arif life, we both are safe. kindly pray for both of us.



Fady Aziz” Tue May 28, 2002   2:10pm


Dear Muhammad Ilyas

I really hope you’re totally fine. I’m sorry about the accident, but glad at the same time you’re safe and sound both you and your friend.

take care in the next time my friend…

yours truly


sassui Tue May 28, 2002


hey, ilyas i m glad ur safe but be careful in future.wat r u up to nowadays what abt sheraz. let me know abt u guyz.


sassui palijo


sheraz memon Tue May 28, 2002   6:52pm


dear ilyas
thanks God that u are safe.I will pray for ur and arifs good health.
take care.


Dear Ilyas,
I,m very sorry to hear about the accident. Thanks to Allah that u r safe. May Allah gives u a long and happy life. Take care.
Mukhtiar Pathan.



Ilyaas .. brother how r u feeling now … yar be careful .. we need friends like u … i called at ur home but u was not there… see u any other time …

dr_ali_kaleem wed  Jun 12, 2002   10:13am


The University of Sindh Announced Final Year MBBs Result on Monday .. i Congratulates all Liaquatians & my Friends who Declared passed  in the Exam … & offcourse iam also in the list of Successful candidates …..


Here is the Complete Result.. U can search for the Seat number below. Wish u good luck..


Dr ali kaleem

azeem qureshi Sep 30, 2002

I made a website for Liaquat alumni in North America , address is Please visit it and post comments


azeem qureshi, MD


Dr. Farzana Ejaz” Fri Nov 1, 2002   5:20am

Dear Liaquatians, A.O.A,
It is nice to have such a viable platform to meet old collegues, i’m new here in this group
but old liaquatian,hope we’ll have a good time together.
Allah hafiz,

Azeem Qureshi  2002


I like to be including in this forum, my name is Azeem Qureshi, I am LMC 77, I work in Columbus Ohio , I am a Addiction Psychiatrist. I made a website for LUMHS Alumni. Adress is Please visit it and give updates and feed back.

Azeem Qureshi. LUMHS 77

Farzana Mon Nov 11, 2002

Dear Liaquatians ,


its nice to hear from u ppl,mu batch was of 1979 but we passed out in 1982,Proff Almani was our principle & at that time our LMC was yet to be promoted as University.I feel great pleasure when i see My original college flourishing.

In my career my teachers contribution is remarkable, I still remember Md.Aftab Muneer,the way she used to put eyes on us &forcing us to go to wards & making us study round the clock.

at present I’m working in a private company as Medical officer, living a happy life mash Allah. Hope to have my old colleagues & friends here, I miss them a lot.

in the end wish u best of luck for promoting Liaquatians all over the world.

Allah hafiz,

Dr Farzana Ejaz.


kanesh kumar lohano” Tue Nov 12, 2002   1:16pm


it is great tosee all the liaquatians gathered at one place. it is really surprising.

i am a new liaquatian in this group and hope will find it better for my studies and research in medical field.

i hope I’ll get better response from all my group mates.


SHARIQ FARUQI Tue Nov 12, 2002   1:59pm

Good to see the website, But its so slow, What have you used, Photoshop, flash or Dream weaver. I would suggest you not to use Photoshop cause that’s makes it so slow. And also some links are not working. Main Intro is really cool though.

Good work Keep it up.

Shariq Faruqi Phd

kashif farooqui Wed Nov 13, 2002   5:24pm

Dear Members
welcome to the mailing list to all new members kindly
take part and start discussions and bring all
liaquatians at one forum
hope you will do it
Final year MBBS

Hamid Memon Wed Nov 13, 2002   5:28pm



The website is quite interesting but very slow to download.
Also its missing some alumnis in some years.

But its a very nice effort overall. I would also suggest to try to put
contact addresses or E-mails of each alumni if possible.

Hamid Memon.
3rd Year MBBS


Ziauddin shaikh” Thu  Nov 14, 2002   2:53am


Dear Dr Farzana,


Can you tell me exact year of your batch as the batch admitted in 1979 and starts first day in Museum as there is no place in Anatomy hall because of previous two batches. I was in that year. If you are in that one so may be you was my class fellow.

Dr Ziauddin



abdul ajji” Thu  Nov 14, 2002   2:05pm

Dear Farhat


I am the same Azeem of Heran Pareshan Party and Mehran Circle . How are you. How is your group and where they are. Where you and what are are you doing. I am in Columbus Ohio . Now we are trying to organize LMC Alumni in USA . Mazhar Lakho who was our President in 1977 are also involved. Only problem is, Liaquatians are not interested in these type of  activities. Please keep in touch. If you want feel free to e-mail me on

Allah Hafiz

>From: farhat mirza Thu, 14 Nov 2002 05:47:32 -0800 (PST)

>Dear Azeem,

>AOA, r u by the way Azeem Bhai from Mirpurkhas, living in Sina or am i mistaken. I am Farhat Mirza from ’79 used to live in tibri .

> abdul ajji wrote:


SHARIQ FARUQI Wed Nov 13, 2002   7:07pm

Hello Azeem Qureshi,

How are you? Nice to see you in this group. I am Shariq Faruqi Graduated in 2000 from LMC. I am in Ohio , not far from you. I work for an IT company and done MBA in health care form OSU. I will be in touch. Just wanted to say hi.

Be intouch


Mudassar Khawaja Mon Dec 2, 2002   11:12pm

Hi to all ….this is M.A khawaja fom United Arab Emirates (dubai ) wanted to continue studies from Pakistan …I heard a lot bout liaqat University , i was also looking for a friend as well …i look forward to hear from u all or from anyone amongst you … my guide and a friend too


thankink u all & saying bye

this is

M.A khawaja


fabbasi_1985 Mon Dec 9, 2002  6:11p

i wish Eid Mubarak to all of ur group,i hope u’ve celebrated this eid
with full pleasure, peace & harmony. may Allah SWT provide us with
many more.Ameen.i’ve started a group for St.Marians students, if any
of u is from St. Mary’s convent high school-Hyderabad, they can join
this group & have the opportunity to invite, meet & have a chat with
old friends & school fellows, present students of this school can
also join this group. hope to hear from u ppl soon.
Allah hafiz,


Dr Muhammad Ilyas Siddiqui Thu  May 8, 2003  0: 05pm

Dear Members
Convocation of 1996-2001 batch is on 22nd May get
yourself registered as early as possible.
3 photographs and convocation fees is the requirement.
Photo session was held today in LUMHS museum Jamshoro
for the Magazine and Souvenir in which organizing
committee members participated with the LUMHS faculty
members and VC.

Dr Ilyas

kamran soomro Wed Feb 11, 2004   6:43pm

sir I m very much thankful 4 ur advices that u have given in response of invitation .as u know sir we r Doctors 2 treat the patients, those come to us .GOD [ ALLAH ] has said in HIS Holy Book that who he knows that ,there is happening some thing wrong , false , illegal , and in against of society , u must fight against it.
Sir I have seen many things that r not going in their proper ways in society , specially in Pakistan

Sir being a Doctor we can save the life of few people, but u know in our sindh what misfortunate is happening. The peoples of Sindh r living in objective condition, even they can not earn from hand to mouth, They have been deprived , depressed n frustrated in this state

Our all the resources r being utilised by the establishment, at the name of firstly Islam, n now at the name of [hum aik hain] one nation. the pakistan >

and u know very well tat Pakistan was broken in 71, and what pak army and establishment did with the lovely Muslim brothers ,and with the daughters of Muslim brothers.

sir, u know that Pakistan was established on the basis of states ,not one state , they implied one unit ,the martial laws many times , and in present too.

dear sir , suppose if ur son , ur children wants love of father , and in response u reply, them that no ”i m a doctor can only treat u but i , can not love u”, anagin they ask u for meal u reply that no i can not make u ate b/c im a doctor ?

if there is happening some thing wrong with ur home , will u not do any thing for ur family members ?if ur city is in trouble will u say that u can not do any thing for ur neighbours ?  and if ur country is in trouble will u always remain silent , thinking this ,that u r a doctor ,it is not the responsibility of doctors ???, and all the men in the society think like u , than what would happen ,?????? this world would be in the hands of criminals , black sheep’s, and

we will all be the food of crocodiles , those tearing for us but untruly…………….sir suppose some thing troubles this world and that time u say that u r doctor n this is not ur problem , ////??????????????????????????????????????????

dear sir if u have few reservations ,it is good we can solve it by discussing but saying this that do not do  politics ,is not looking right ,

[in the last i say that we do study and politics both , because without having a society good for humans all other problems will remain same n increase day by day. jeay sindhu desh

waiting for reply n more discussing by facts and figures;

Azeem Qureshi” Wed Feb 11, 2004   8:40pm

Dear Kamran

It is very nice to listen back from you. If you are a good physician, you can go back to your village or town and help educate and serve people. If you become a professor with a political background, like many in LUMHS, you cannot help your fellow sindhis. Here is a letter from a very dedicated Physician who spend thousand of Dollars to help fellow sindhis

Dear Ursani,


i went to Hyderabad recently in connection with APPNA convention. There is a lot to be desired in our state in terms of services. Every thing is “political”. It means every thing is unreal.

There was a big time struggle going on between the LUMHS and the MS of the Hospital that is the basis on which the University operates. They are not listening to one another. I went to see the hospital and the patients.

The hospital was empty and the few patients looked worst than being on death row with mattresses full of cockroaches and house staff unpaid. There were no nurses on the floors that we visited.

It is sad that the largest medical institution looks like a dog pound. My friend that is how sind runs and these officials are all sindhis and have an opportunity to serve the deprived, the sick and the poor. I wanted for LMC alumni to help but could not find a hope unless there is a total overhaul of the “mentality” to cheat. Even ISRA was better.

I felt “sick” and came back disheartened and disappointed.


kimat g khatak LMC1962

Afzal Arain


20 Mar 2004

Dear Liaquatians

Please help in LMC membership drive.
We request all of you to please update your information and renew LMC membership.
Those of you already are members we thank you for your support. Please ask your friends and class-fellows to become member.
Just a few reasons among 100

Why Should you JOIN LMC ? Because you are from Liaquat. That should be enough but Also Consider:

1. Having graduated from Liaquat we must show our reverence to our Alma Mater. Being associated after our graduation we can play greater role in improving the conditions at Liaquat

2. Social Activities: Active participation in various alumni activities arranged locally and annually, meeting classmates, friends on a regular basis.

3. Networking: Active participation and networking of global Liaquat community is possible, by being a part of the large Liaquat alumni database.

4. Liaquatians for Liaquat: Various classes helping fund various improvement projects for Liaquat.

5. Liaquat Endowment Fund: Donate generously to the Liaquat Endowment Fund for Liaquat.

6. Be part of the World Association of Liaquat Alumni.

How to join Liaquat: this form, you can join Liaquat Here ? s how:

6414 South Cass Avenue , Westmont , IL 60559
630-968-8585 * 630-968-8606
FAX: 630-968-8677


Azeem Qureshi” Wed Mar 24, 2004   1:40pm

Dear Liaquatians

Please take few moments to update our database


Liaquat University Of Medicine and Health sciences

North American Chapter

(Please type or print)

Name: (Last)_______________________________(First)________________________Middle________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________


Phone: _________________________. E-Mail: ____________________________________


Office Phone:_____________________________FAX_______________________________________

Date of Birth: ______________________________

Graduation Year: ___________________________

Primary Specialty: __________________________

Secondary Specialty: ________________________
. Practice: _____________ Solo _____________Group _____________ Hospital

Place of Birth: City/Town/Village ____________________ District: ___________________


Name: __________________________________ DOB ________________ Sex: _____
Name: __________________________________ DOB ________________ Sex: _____
Name: __________________________________ DOB ________________ Sex: _____
Name: __________________________________ DOB ________________ Sex: _____
Name: __________________________________ DOB ________________ Sex: _____
Name: __________________________________ DOB ________________ Sex: _____


Do you know of any other LUMHS Alumini in North America ?


Names…………………………………………Phone Numbers…………………………….

Azeem Qureshi

LMC 77


Mazhar Lakho Mar 28, 2004

Dear Dr. Farhat.

Aijaz Turk hates computers. And by Shabbir if you mean Shabbir Shaikh

then he has the internet access but is always terrified to check his e-mail. If you need their phone numbers, I will be more than happy to mail them to you. BTW do we know each other?


Mazhar Lakho

LMC 77

Belleville , IL


farhat mirza wrote:

Azeem Bhai,


Happy birthday to you.

Could u send me the email address of Shabbir and ejaz turk.


farhat mirza   Mar 30, 2004   9:53pm

Dear Mazhar,

AOA. You were senior to me and I remember you very well as the most effective president of LMC union.

I shall be grateful if you send me the phone numbers of Ejaz Turk and Shabbir Sheikh.



maria ahmed  Mar 29, 2004   3:16am


this is Maria, I m final year student i mean new final year, I think it may be old now, I stuck here in usa , but i miss my college a lot.


Mazhar Lakho Apr 24, 2004   3:41pm


Could any one tell us if
there are any student social-welfare organizations
working in LMC? Or is anyone interested in
volunteerism? We in USA are interested in starting
some small
socio-educational projects in LMC
and need some highly motivated
student volunteers. If interested
pl. contact us through e-mail
and send us your phone numbers.

Mazhar Lakho
LMC 77
Belleville , IL


gulzeb memon  Apr 24, 2004   5:34pm


Unfortunately there is no any welfare organization working in LUMHS even not on hospital side where there is dire need. We People either are very busy or very selfish in that regard.

Things are getting worse under the present administration we are going back not ahead.


Colin Tan Tue Jan 25, 2005   2:17am


Hi I am a medical student from Singapore . I joined
this group some time back out of curiosity. I am
currently in 4th year and I am looking for a foreign
hospital to do an 8 week elective posting sometime in
April 2005. Can I know if there are any vacancies in
your hospital for such an elective?


gulzeb memon Tue Jan 25, 2005   9:38pm


Dear Friend
If you want to do elective, then go for USA, if you have enough money to support, if you want to do electives here in Pakistan then apply in Agha Khan University Karachi,
That website will help you
Good Luck


Sudeep Shrestha Date: Wed Jan 26, 2005   6:08am

I am a 1st year Medical student from Nepal and also joined the
group out of my curiousity. As I opened my mail I saw ur mail. Our
college is attached to Scheer Memorial Hospital here in Banepa. With
wonderful environment around, why don’t you do your 8 week elective
posting here. I have heard that they charge 100dollars/ month. Other
foreign medical students are also practising here. Why don’t u visit
their website If you want to come here
they might help.
Anyway, its your world. As you like it.
Bye and keep in touch.


raeyan syed Thu  Jan 27, 2005   6:26pm


Why not LMC?we get full blown cases there and it is a good learning if some one who has a good back ground. Although in the management area everybody has their own style. It is there where your back ground knowledge jumps in.


dileep kumar Fri Jan 28, 2005   1:28pm

LUH has good cases for elective but the environment of LUH is not good as compare to AKU. In AKU professors give u opportunity for learning & discussion with sympathy while in LUH professors are so busy that they don’t attend their wards. So how a new Dr can get knowledge from LUH without support from seniors. Theory is not sufficient for practice during elective, so my advise is also that if one can want to do elective AKU is best centre in Pak, otherwise UK/USA.
Dr.Dileep kumar
H/O LUH hyderabad .

sheraz1978us” Mon Jan 31, 2005   11:50am


dear dr.dileep kumar

it is unfair to compare the luh (government hospital) with aku (
five star private hospital).it would be better if you compare it
with government hospitals in Karachi . and consultants in Karachi
hospitals are more busy than consultants in luh….when i was doing
my attachment in JPMC , the R1 ( or pg student year 1 ) used to
teach the 3rd , 4th and final year students of smc ….consultant
rarely attend the ward or opd….

luh is good for electives as you have to learn the history taking
and clinical examination only but not for the house job….( for
house job either Liaquat national hospital or aku would be better

take care


dr.dileep kumar

Hello sir,
I am not comparing the hospitals in pak. I only gave advise that if one can want to do elective in pak, AKU is best centre for that & this should be first choice. otherwise in govt: hospital which is better I really don’t know b/c I am graduate of LUMHS & doing H/job in LUH.
Dr.Dileep Kumar
H/O LUH hyd:


raeyan syed


Hey Guys cool down,
I just gave my opinion. I am right now working in USA and what i felt that the cases I used to see in Pakistan were amazing . Each and every case that I had seen in LMC helped me even in here. It depends on you how you study and apply your knowledge in your practice. I learned a lot in LMC and I am really grateful to God that I got an opportunity to get my bachelors from there.


Dr.Dileep Kumar

Hello sir.
I agree with u that LUH has lot of cases for study & practice as they are not admitted in private hospitals. But for elective purpose one who want the knowledge with practice LUH is not good as compare to AKU.LUH give great opportunity for practice(esp: surgery) while in other wards seniors are not too colloid that new Dr can learn from them.
Dr.Dileep Kumar
H/O LUH hyderabad


muddassir noor” Sat Feb 5, 2005   3:37pm


hi every one
hope every one is enjoying his life, goood just keep it up.
well I personally believe there is nothing in LUH for learning medicine if
one compare it with AKU,LNH,JPMC or even CIVIL HOSPITAL KHI. But if one
compare it with pmc nawabshah or with cmc larkana than it may have some
superiority.envirnment of aku n lnh is esp very competitive and senior drs
there, r keen to teach u, reverse is true for LUH.luh is deficient of
facilties of modern medicine. only peads ward of luh has some potential of
learning, and having little better environment, otherwise its just wastage of
time in if any one has opportunity to get out from that place he
should avail that.
i personally will not recommend any one, who wants to learn medicine to work
in luh.
take care of urself very much and ALWAYS KEEP ON SMILLING.


Anwar Noorani Feb 10, 2005