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muhammad salman Mon Jan 22, 2001 

dear doctors
we all r passing a time that we will remember as a
golden moment 20-30 years later when lmu will be as
famous as king Edward, even better may be. we r having
the convocation today the journey as a medical
university. wish to meet with all of u as a very
good, well reputed, best practicing doctors at the
middle sky of our career ,n remember the days in
lmc, may Allah grant us the opportunity.
my heartfelt best wishes
cadet salman

Mazhar Lakho May 19, 2001


I am exhilarated beyond imagination to join this wonderful group.

Thanks to Sheraz and others involved in forming this much needed

group and the wonderful website.

We overseas physicians from Sindh are also trying to form an

international network and look forward to having a healthy co-operation

with Medical Students, Medical Staff Members and other clinicians in Sind.

Our website is still under construction but you may visit it at

With all due respect to my seniors and colleagues on ABS Medical Network , here is my brief introduction.

I belong to a small village in Naushero Feroze taluko. Studied in a Primary Sindhi

School then was sent to study in Quetta Grammar School in May of 1961. After

passing my Senior Cambridge Examination, I did my Inter Science from Government College

Kari Mori Hyderabad. In 1970 was selected to LMC against open seats.

In 1975-76 was elected to the post of President LMC Students Union. Contesting

against me were the political student organizations namely Jiye Sindh Students

Federation and Peoples Student Federation. Our anchoring aim and slogan was

” Down with DIRTY politics and up with Profession” My friends and class mates

will tell you that we did succeed in many ways once we put aside the dirty destructive politics

and did some real work.

In 1977 I joined National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Karachi and in 1981

moved to the US . Here it was very difficult to get into a Residency Program as it

is now. So I had to wait about five years before getting into an Internal Medicine

training Program at Texas Tech University El Paso. In the mean time for survival

purposes I did an unapproved fellowship in Hematology and Oncology in Morton

Cancer and Research Hospital Dallas Texas . And then also did some time doing

odd jobs.

In 1989 I joined ST. Paul Hospital Critical Care for a year in ST.Lous after completing

my residency in El Paso Texas . And then in 1990 at the suggestion of Drs Vakassi, Amanullah

Pathan and Dr Abdul Wahab Kazi moved to their small town Belleville Illinois which is about 30 miles

from ST. Louis . Belleville has a population of about 50,000 but in area it may be larger

than Hyderabad . I have a solo Internal Medicine practice here and

it does fairly well.I did my Board Certification from American Board of Internal Medicine

in 1991.

In 1999 I was elected to two year term of President of SANA. I do not know

how much effective our team of 12 EC members was. Only time will tell.

I am married to my cousin Asma Lakho. She is from the same village in Sind. We have four very

lovely and spoiled kids Sabrina 10, Saleha 7, Mahreen 3, and Noor Ahmed Lakho 16 months old.

I think above is enough as far as blowing my own TRUMPET is concerned.


Mazhar Lakho MD

LMC 77

Belleville , IL


Dear all
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