Medical Students Profiles

By | September 18, 2014
Tuesday 06/10/2003 8:48:34am
Full Name: Enver Ahmet Demir
Gender: male
Age: 19
City/Country: Turkiye(Turkey)
Medical University: Mersin University
Year: 2
Email: +905352124897
Hobbies: soccer, basketball, reading, swimming
Any other information: I Love Medicine



Friday 05/16/2003 0:18:16am
Full Name: Hassan Muhammed Soomro
Gender: male
Age: 19
City/Country: Mirpurkhassindh
Medical University: no medical or university
Year: none
Email: 92-03204182632
Hobbies: chating
Any other information: any one from u knows about Bpharmacy tel



Saturday 03/29/2003 10:06:11am
Full Name: fady abdel lateef alhrazeen
Gender: male
Age: 19
City/Country: palestine but will come to hyderabad
Medical University: LUMHS
Year: 1st
Email: none
Hobbies: making friends
Any other information: lala



Sunday 02/09/2003 6:52:52pm
Full Name: M.Yasir Shaikh
Gender: Male
Age: 24
City/Country: Pakistan/Hyderabad
Medical University: LUMHS
Year: Final Year MBBS
Email: dont wanna give u…….
Hobbies: Chatting,movies,music,cricket and ……
Any other information:



Saturday 02/08/2003 8:31:50pm
Full Name: nosheen rasheed
Gender: female
Age: 20
City/Country: hyd/pak
Medical University: LUMHS
Year: 2nd year
Email: no phone
Hobbies: reading books
Any other information: