Forensic Medicine Mnemonics

By | August 3, 2023


1. MURDER: Motive, Unnatural death, Rigor mortis, Decomposition, Ecchymosis, Rigor mortis.
2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
3. COD: Cause of Death.
4. HOMICIDE: Hanging, Overdose, Motor vehicle accidents, Injuries, Child abuse, Other unnatural causes, Drowning, Environmental exposure.
5. RACE: Rape, Arson, Child abuse, Elder abuse.
6. WOUND: Weapon, Object, Unusual features, Number, Depth.
7. SLAPS: Stab wound, Laceration, Abrasion, Puncture wound, Skin bruising.
8. BANG: Bruises, Abrasions, Necrosis, Gunshot injuries.
9. FAB: Fractures, Abrasions, Burns.
10. DRS ABCD: Danger, Response, Send for help, Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Defibrillation.
11. CSM: Circulation, Sensation, Movement.
12. SLIDE: Scene, Locard’s exchange principle, Investigate, Document, Evaluate.
13. RADAR: Recognition, Assessment, Documentation, Analysis, Report.
14. ABCs: Airway, Breathing, Circulation.
15. DOPE: Drug Overdose, Positional Asphyxia, Physical abuse, Electrocution.
16. CEASE: Compressions, Elevation, Arrest, Support, Examination.
17. ABCD of death investigation: Asphyxia, Burns, Carbon monoxide poisoning, Drugs.
18. SLAP: Superficial, Linear, Abrasion, Patterned.
19. LIVOR: Livor mortis (post-mortem lividity), Immobilization, Venous congestion, Other diseases, Rigor mortis.
20. PACER: Postmortem changes, Asphyxia, Chemicals, Exsanguination, Rigor mortis.
21. MEAT: Mechanical, Electrical, Asphyxiation, Thermal.
22. DIAMONDS: Death, Incised wound, Abrasion, Medical conditions, Overdose, Natural diseases, Drugs, Suicidal wound.
23. CHROME: Chemical, Heat, Radiant, Orbital, Mechanical, Electrical.
24. EBB: Entrapment, Binding, Binding of hands.
25. DEATH: Disease, Environment, Age, Time, Height.
26. SCAT: Scene, Cause, Age, Time.
27. LAWS: Livor mortis, Algor mortis, Rigor mortis, Saponification.
28. SMILE: Superficial, Multiple, Injured, Lacerated, Exposed.
29. DEATH: Disease, Environment, Age, Time, Height.
30. PASTED: Putrefaction, Algor mortis, Saponification, Taches noires (black patches), Ephemeral purpura, Decomposition.
31. NASH: Natural, Accidental, Suicidal, Homicidal.
32. STIFF: Suddenness, Time, Identity, Findings, Final diagnosis.
33. DEAD: Deceased, Examination, Age, Date, Evidence, Disposition.
34. GIGGLE: Gunpowder, Injury pattern, Gaping wound, Gunshot wound, Lead poisoning, Explosion.
35. PEE: Patterned injury, Erythema, Ecchymosis.
36. Sudden death ABCs: Asphyxia, Bleeding, Cardiac causes.
37. DEAD: Drugs, Endogenous substances, Alcohols, Drugs of abuse.
38. FAST: Firearm, Asphyxia, Sharp force, Trauma.
39. POISON: Place, Odor, Injury, Suspects, Opportunities, Name.
40. BADGES: Burns, Asphyxiation, Drowning, Gunshot, Electrocution, Strangulation.
41. LIES: Lividity, Injuries, Eyes, Stomach contents.
42. DIAL: Decomposition, Injury, Algor mortis, Livor mortis.
43. DAWN: Disease, Age, Wounds, Natural causes.
44. HARM: Hanging, Asphyxiation, Road traffic accidents, Medications.
45. DIANE: Disease, Injury, Age, Nature of injuries, Evidence.
46. CRIME: Cause of death, Related injuries, Injuries on the body, Medical history, Evidence.
47. FACELIFE: Firearm, Asphyxia, Chemicals, Electricity, Lightening, Injuries, Falls, Exposure.
48. RIDDLES: Rigor mortis, Incised wounds, Drowning, Drugs, Lightening, Electrocution, Strangulation.
49. SMOKE: Scene, Mode of death, Other findings, Knowledge of decedent, Evaluation.
50. TISSUE: Trauma, Infection, Sharp-force injuries, Skeletal injuries, Underlying diseases, Envenomation.