Urology Mnemonics

By | August 1, 2023


1. **KUB** – Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder: A radiographic abbreviation for an X-ray image of the abdomen to visualize these structures.

2. **CREST Syndrome** – A mnemonic for the features of systemic sclerosis:
C – Calcinosis
R – Raynaud’s phenomenon
E – Esophageal dysmotility
S – Sclerodactyly
T – Telangiectasia

3. **Hydronephrosis** – “Backs Up”:
B – Bladder
A – Atrophy of renal cortex
C – Calyces enlarge
K – Kidney dilation

4. **CAUTI** – Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection:
C – Clean the perineum before catheter insertion
A – Aseptic technique during catheter insertion
U – Unobstructed urine flow with no dependent loops in the tubing
T – Tubing should not touch the floor or bed
I – Infection control measures

5. **5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitors** – “TREAT”:
T – Testosterone reduction
R – Reduce prostate size
E – Effective for BPH
A – Alpha-1 blocker used in combination
T – Treats urinary symptoms

6. **Diuretics Classification** – “CHAMP”:
C – Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
H – High ceiling (loop) diuretics
A – Aldosterone antagonists
M – Thiazide diuretics
P – Potassium-sparing diuretics

7. **Enuresis Causes** – “WET BED”:
W – Water intake too much at night
E – Endocrine disorders
T – Tuberous sclerosis
B – Bladder dysfunction
E – Excess urine production
D – Deep sleep

8. **Phases of Micturition** – “FILL and EMPTY”:
F – Filling phase (bladder relaxes, internal sphincter contracts)
I – Interim phase (bladder gradually fills, minimal detrusor activity)
L – Latent phase (voluntary control maintained)
L – Linitis phase (strong desire to void)
E – Emptying phase (bladder contracts, internal sphincter relaxes, and external sphincter contracts)

9. **Urological Cancers** – “PACT”:
P – Prostate cancer
A – Adrenal cancer
C – Clear cell carcinoma (kidney)
T – Transitional cell carcinoma (bladder)

10. **Bladder Cancer Staging** – “TNM Staging”:
T – Tumor extent (T0 to T4)
N – Lymph node involvement (N0 to N3)
M – Metastasis (M0 to M1)