Public health Surveillance Flash Lectures

By | May 20, 2012

Surveillance Principles and Applications

Consists of three lectures by the The University of Minnesota School of public health.

Part 1: Surveillance Overview

Discussed the definition, parameters, attributes and types of surveillance with example of  food borne disease surveillance.

Part 2: Outbreak Investigations

Principles, limitations, challenges, with examples of E-Coli 0157:H7 outbreak in community.

Part 3: Food Safety

Application of surveillance, monitoring, and outbreak investigation for the assessment of food safety hazards

Hospital Surveillance


Topic: Public Health Burden of Foodborne Disease

Objectives: Evidence based literature review of diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases in women.

Author(s): Dr. Fred Angulo

Institute: US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Preparedness Center Training Site)         

Date: July, 2006              Duration: 30 minutes          Reqs: Flash plugin