Health Promotion books

By | May 11, 2012

Health Promotion online course 

Step by step learning of the health promotion concepts by Ontario Health Promotion Resource System (OHPRS). OHPRS is composed of 22 health promotion organizations in Ontario. Course include the case studies, further reading resources, glossary of health promotion and you can print the complete course in one file.

Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

Read the standard definition of the health promotion adopted from first international conference on health promotion in 1986.

Evaluation in health promotion. Principles and perspectives

Edited by Irving Rootman, Michael Goodstadt, Brian Hyndman, David V. McQueen, Louise Potvin, Jane Springett & Erio Ziglio

Workplace health promotion

Booklet published by The Centre for Health Promotion Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto.

Health Promotion-an overview –

Slides on health promotion University of Pittsburgh.

Evaluation of Diseases Prevention and Health Promotion Programs

Slides on health promotion University of Pittsburgh.

Health Promotion online lectures

By The University of Sunderland.

Health Promotion in Australia

By the La Trobe University.