Community Health Worker training materials in Newborn and child health.

By | May 12, 2012


Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) training manual on Community based management of  neonatal infections

Nepal is leading country in using the local community health workers in management of neonatal infections. This training manual is very simple with many illustrations to clear the concepts of community health volunteers who are not well educated. Manual can be adopted by other less developed countries with little modification. The training manual is part of the MINI project approved by Ministry of Health, Nepal with the partnership of USAID, JSI and Save the Children (USA).

Facilitator manual for training the FCHVs in neonatal infection management at community level.

This 50-page manual helps the facilitators in conducting FCHVs training efficiently. Contents of this manual are items needed for training, who should be participants and how to evaluate the participants performance and most importantly how to conduct the training session. Manual is part of MINI project, Nepal.

Training Manual for Village Health Workers  (VHWs) and Maternal and Child Health Workers (MCHWs)

Content of this manual is almost same as that of FCHVs as there are some differences in responsibilities of both cadres and both are part of MINI project.

  Acute Respiratory tract infections  trainer’s guide for community level health workers

Its an excellent resource for trainers of community based health workers with tons of case studies and questions to enhance the learning experience of workers. It contains two separate sections on ARI case assessment in under 2 months and from 2-59 months of children. Workers will learn how to count respiratory rate and to identify the lower chest indrawing. Manual has been prepared by Nepal Ministry of health and JSI, Nepal.