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Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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  • Shifa College of Nursing
    • Management and Administration
      • Year Coordinator: BSN program, SCN
      • Clinical coordinator, SCN
    • Faculty: BSN & Post-RN BSN program, SCN
    • BLS instructor, Shifa College of Nursing, SCN
    • Member, faculty development committee, SCN
    • Member, curriculum committee, SCN
  • Shifa International Hospital
    • Experience in anesthesia, recovery room and post anesthesia care nursing, SIH





Management and Administrative

Year Coordinator (BSN Nursing Program                        September, 2008 to date         

  • Provide administrative and managerial support to all year faculty members.
  • Provide support in fulfill of course objectives and its content, clinical placement and assessment tools.
  • Clearly explain responsibilities to course coordinator.
  • Assign course to coordinate or any other academic activity.
  • Maintain student progress file
  • Maintain student results


Management and Administrative

Clinical Coordinator Responsibilities


  • Facilitate the year coordinators in identifying appropriate clinical placement within and outside the mother hospital.
  • Sending requests for clinical site placements to the contacts as planned with year coordinators.
  • Informing the Administration office for logistics support.
  • Continual meetings with department nursing head and designee on regular basis to identify any problem related to clinical
  • Notifying each coordinator of any changes in clinical placements that may impact students practice.


Summer and Winter Clinical:

  • Finalizing duty roaster along with the year coordinators.
  • Meeting SIH nursing services and share the clinical objectives and students duty roasters.
  • Develop faculty supervision plan
  • Notifying sites when a student drops a course or withdraws from the program.
  • Address / Respond to any student related issues in the clinical placement areas.
  • Ensure implementation of faculty supervision plan.


Faculty: BSN & Post-RN BSN Nursing Program (Theory & Clinical Teaching           

General responsibilities of the faculties

  • Impart Instructions within the requirements of the College Curriculum and the teaching will be organized in a way that it will integrate with instructions in other basic sciences
  • Participate in research activities
  • Faculty Development and Continuing Education Programs.
  • Participation in the curriculum development
  • Curricular content.
    • Assessment
    • Teaching learning methods and procedure.
    • Policies related to student’s clinical placement and assessment tools, admissions, selection and promotion of students.
    • Supervision of students at clinical.

Teaching Course:

  • Advanced Concepts in Nursing (Critical & Emergency Nursing)
  • Adult Health Nursing (Medical & Surgical Nursing)
  • Ethics in Nursing Practice
  • Health Assessment
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Pharmacology
  • Culture Health and Society

Clinical Supervision:

  • Adult Health Nursing
  • Advanced Concepts in Nursing (Critical & Emergency Nursing)
  • Senior Electives                                       


BLS, Instructor

  • Certification of Faculty, Shifa College of Nursing
  • Certification and recertification of BSN and Post-RN BSN Students


Member, Faculty Development Committee

  • Need assessment of faculty members, SCN
  • Planning sessions for faculty development
  • Ensure new faculty member’s orientation

Member, Curriculum Committee, SCN

  • Oversees all aspects of the Nursing undergraduate curriculum including curriculum of BSN, preparatory and Post RN BSN programme and ensures that it conforms to the Mission Statement of the SCN.
  • Review curricular objectives, Content, teaching and evaluation strategies and curricular outcomes. All courses must be reviewed regularly (Not less than every two years)
  • Ensure that the curriculum achieves appropriate continuity and that there is adequate horizontal and vertical integration of content
  • Receive and analyze requests for curriculum modification (such as requests for inclusion of new materials)
  • Ensure that the courses are current
  • Liaison with Admission and Progression committee, faculty development  and Examination Committee of SCN



Anesthesia and ICU, CUU Nursing Specialty Courses

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad                                                                                                       March, 2011

Anesthesia Nursing Specialty Course

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad                                                                                                       March, 2010



Anesthesia & Post Anesthesia Car Unit Nursing              

  • Pre anesthetic assessment of patient
  • Make decision and take appropriate actions in collaboration with anesthesiologist and surgeon as directed or required.
  • Preparation of patient and operating room for general and regional anesthesia
  • Administration of anesthesia under anesthesiologist supervision
  • Monitoring patient with continuous and continual monitors
  • Maintenances of anesthesia during surgical procedure
  • Preparing, placement and monitoring patients with
    • Cardiac monitor, Pulmonary artery catheter, Arterial catheter, central venous catheter, esophageal stethoscope, Foley’s catheter, NIBP, Pulse oximetry, capnography, Peripheral Nerve Stimulator
  • Operate and worked with anesthesia equipments
    • Anesthesia machine
    • Infusion pump
    • Airway devices: laryngoscope (machintosh & Miller), fiber optic bronchoscope, laryngeal mask airway, different types of airway and tracheal tubes, boogie’s stylets
    • Fluid warmer
    • Defibrillator (internal and external)
    • Temporary cardiac pacemaker (invasive and noninvasive)
  • Post anesthesia care, shifting and transferring patients
  • Post anesthesia follow-up
  • Pre and Post operative/anesthesia patient education
  • Pain management services
    • Epidural analgesia, patient controlled analgesia
  • Resource person and assistance in training of novice anesthesia nurses and technicians.
  • Managing the anesthesia department.
    • Maintaining supply of anesthesia drugs and equipment.
    • Ensures maintenance and cleanliness of anesthesia equipments
    • Preparing duty roster for anesthesia nurses and technicians
    • Arranging and conducting training session for anesthesia nurses and technicians



  • Post-RN BScN

Aga Khan University School of Nursing, Karachi                                    June, 2008

  • Diploma in General Nursing

Mission Hospital Quetta, Quetta                                                               March, 2000

  • BSc

University of Punjab, Lahore                                                                    April, 2003



  • Basic Life Support

Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad                                       December, 2000

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support & Basic Life Support

Shifa College of Medicine: Life Savers Foundation of Pakistan   September, 2005

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support & Basic Life Support

Shifa College of Medicine: Life Savers Foundation of Pakistan   June, 2009



  • “Prevalence of water born and skin diseases in Lalabad community, Karachi during October to December 2007” which was published by Sigma Theta Tau International in 2008.
  • “An inquiry to health assessment practices of critical care nurses” is in report writing phase.



Gannett Education, Global Programming                                                     

4 contact hour

  • Critical Thinking: The Key to Your Success in Nursing
  • Evidence-Based Practice for ICU Sedation, Central Line Infections and Early Feeding
  • Follow the Evidence to Up-to-Date Practice
  • Providers Can Help Zap VAP

Nurse Nursing Knowledge Made Easy                                          

9 contact hour

  • Cardiac Markers
  • Swan-Ganz Catheter in Critical Care
  • Transvenous Pacing


Sigma Theta Tau International: Honor Society of Nursing                

12.5 contact hours

  • Coaching in Nursing Workbook
  • Clinical practice guidelines for the assessment and prevention of falls in older people
  • Focus on mental health of adults and older adults
  • HIV in aging: HIV/AIDS issues in aging population
  • Building Research Competences in Nursing through Mentoring
  • Providing Excellent Palliative Care
  • Role Strain




  • Effective feedback; Enhancing Self-Assessment and Reflective Ability (01 day)

Aga Khan University, Karachi                                                                  May, 2008

  • Enhancement of Critical Thinking Skills among Educator (5 days)

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences: College of Nursing,                     December, 2009

  • Sexual and reproductive health (9 hours)

Shifa College of Nursing, Islamabad                                November December, 2010

  • Performance Assessment (4 days)

Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad                                                       May, 2009

  • “Mastering Dissertation/Thesis/Paper Writing Using SPSS V.20 & EndNote X5” through video conferencing (3days)

Research Center for Training & Development                                         January, 2012


  • Clinical Teaching in Nursing (2 days)

Shifa College of Nursing, Islamabad                                                        February, 2011



  • First Aid Training Course (Ismaili Scouts Karimabad, Islamabad)          October, 2011
  • Internally Displaced Person (IDP) (Swabi, Mardan)                    May 26 to June, 2009 



  • BLS & First Aid Training Course                         (NGO: Save the Children, Islamabad)
  • BLS & First Aid Training Course                         (NGO: Arche Nova, Kalabagh)
  • BSN Nursing Program Advertisement Session    (Girls College, Chakwal)
  • BSN Nursing Program Advertisement Session    (Nazimabad, Rawalpindi)



  • Microsoft Office: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher
  • SPSS: Statistical Package of Social Sciences



  • 8th Annual Conference Infections Disease Society of Pakistan

Role of Nurse in Infection Control

Margalla Hotel, Islamabad                                                                       March, 2011

  • 8th Annual Conference Infectious Diseases

The Age of Super Bugs: Facts and Solutions

Margalla Hotel, Islamabad                                                                       March, 2011

  • International Infection Control Symposium: Best Infection Control Practices.

Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi                                                   April, 2008

  • International Nurses Day: Delivering Quality, serving communities: nurses leading PHC

Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi                                                   May, 2008

  • 4th International Conference on CVS and thoracic surgery.

Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi                                                        December, 2002

  • Annual Conference: Pakistan Society of CVS and thoracic surgery.

Serena Hotel, Islamabad                                                                           January, 2006

  • 8th International Anesthesia Conference

Margalla Hotel, Islamabad                                                                       September, 2001

  • 5th Bienniel International Conference of Pakistan Society of CVS and thoracic surgery

Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore                                                               March, 2005


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