Miroslaw Manicki

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  1. Family name:         Manicki
  2. First names:           Miroslaw, Wojciech
  3. Date of birth:          14th October, 1954
  4. Nationality: Polish
  5. Civil status:           Married
  6. Education:

No. of Doc.

Institution  (Date from – Date to)

Degree (s) or Diploma (s) obtained:


Medical Exams Centre in Łódż, Poland

1999 – 2004

Postgraduate Medical Specialisation in Public Health (MPHM)


Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education, Poland

1980 – 1993

Postgraduate Medical Specialisation in Internal Diseases


University Medical School, Poland , 10/1973 – 10/1979

Medical Doctor’s Diploma


Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands


Certificate in Health Care Management – post-graduate studies

Additional Training:

  • Public Health Administration  and International Fellows Program  in Public Health (USA-George Washington University/Georgetown University).
  • Program & Project Management (Hospital Administration) (USA-University of Connecticut).
  • Executive Health Care Management Program (Millwood, VA, USA-PROJECT HOPE).
  • Tropical Medicine – the Institute of Marine and Tropical Medicine, Gdynia, Poland.


  1. Language skills:  Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 – excellent; 5 – basic)






















  1. Membership of professional bodies: (selection)
  •  Expert, National Social Security Task Force, Coordinating Ministry for People Welfare,Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta (2005–2009).
  • Member, Expert Panel on Health System Development, WHO Regional Office for Europe (2002).
  • Vice President, Bureau of Ad-hoc Group—Health Project OECD Paris (2002–2003).
  • Permanent Representative, Minister of Health, Republic of Poland, Council of Europe, European Health Committee, Strasbourg (2002–2003).
  • Special Representative, Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Council of the Baltic Sea States, Task Force on Communicable Disease Control  (2002–2003).
  • Chairman,  Public Health Policy Program, Ministry of Health, Warsaw, Poland (2001–2003).
  • Member, Delegation of the Republic of Poland, World  Health Assembly and WHO Regional Committee for Europe  (2002, 2003)
  • Chairman/Member – National Emergency Management Task Force/Working Groups (Ministry of Health, Poland)


  1. Other skills:: Full computer literacy
  2. Present position: International Public Health/Healthcare Management Consultant
  3.  Years within the firm: 8
  4.  Key qualifications:
  •  Strong theoretical background in Public Health/Healthcare Management
    • Medical Doctor’s Diploma
    • Postgraduate Medical Specialisation in Public Health (6 years programme)
    • Additional training Incl. George Washington Univ./Georgetown Univ./

                               Univ. of Connecticut



  • 17 years of experience in Public Health/Healthcare Management incl. health policy formulation and building the national and local public health strategies with the special focus on  building the comprehensive, integrated and stepwise approach to surveillance, prevention and management, presenting a coherent and co-ordinated approach to health policy
  • 10 years working in the Public Health/Healthcare Management sector in senior executive positions in Poland


  • Relevant  experience  in  Public  Health System and implementing and supporting Health Policy Reforms in  Asia health systems incl. 5,5 years of experience  as  Team  Leader  in  a  technical  development project in Indonesia followed by 2,5 years of experience as Senior International Partner – MARTABAT, Indonesia,4 years of clinical/administrative experience in Libya.
  • Designing and implementation of the social health insurance reforms as a part of the national health policy reforms
  • planning of human resource, infrastructure, facilities and  services in health care settings
  • Designing and implementation of EC funded programmes
  • Building comprehensive planning methodologies combining the national and local public health plans and health services plans
  • Formulation of legislative frameworks for introducing social health insurance as an integral part of the national health policy and national social security policy combined with the attention to economic inequalities, social problems and environmental issues (System Wide Approach as an element of the New Public Health philosophy – via introducing the national and local health plans)
  • Health governance/administration, economics, financing & administration
  • Developing & implementing public budgets and expenditure in the health sector,
  1. Specific experience in the regions:


Date from – Date to

Poland , Indonesia, Albania, Libya

1993 – 2004 ; 2004-2009; 2010-2011; 1985-1989

  1. Professional experience

No. of Doc.

Date from – Date to


Company & reference person (name & contact details)




06/2010 – 02/2011



Martin Wrede – +49 22191286717 / m.wrede@gvg-koeln.de

Expert in

Transforming Hospital Payment


Albanian-German seminar series on the Reform of the Hospital Payment System in Albania.

German Federal Ministry of Health:  Initiated the process of transforming the existing centralistic hospital payment system towards a case-based contracts model in order to increase the effectiveness of the public health system management and to make the health insurance policy an integral part of the national public health policy


09/2009 -present


Konsultan Jaminan Sosial (Prima Konsultindo) P.T.MARTABAT

A. E. Putri – +62 21 74870811 / aeputrishi@cbn.net.id


Senior Partner

(International) – mid-term & long-distance consultations

Joint assessment and re-engineering of the Indonesian Health Insurance Carrier, with the subsequent assistance in upgrading their provider payment model; Conversion of legal status of the Indonesian Health Insurance and Social Security Carriers

Development of health policy implementation manuals for hospital managers and health professionals.


03/2004 – 08/2009


GVG / AOK (1st and 2nd phase) / EPOS (1st phase)

Martin Wrede – 49 221)912867-17 / m.wrede@gvg-koeln.de

Team Leader 

Under the GTZ supported Social Health Insurance Project, contributed to building a strong foundation for making the Social Health Insurance System an integral part of the National Health System and the National Social Security System, including high level public health policy making.

  • Advice on making a social health insurance implementation and reform an integral part of the national public health strategies (coherent and co-ordinated approach to health policy).
  • Designed studies and developed concepts and strategies for health insurance, based on the experiences of the EU and Southeast Asian countries
  • Established an integrated legal and regulatory framework, and institutional development underpinning a robust social health insurance function, and designed strategies of translating public health policy into purchasing decisions
  • Operationalisation of the Social Security Act, including capacity building of managers for its implementation including issues related to health law


12/2003 – 03/2004



Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital

Prof. Oszukowski – iczmp@iczmp.edu.pl

Advisor to the Board

The contract aimed to create a new organisational unit of the Research Institute, responsible for overseeing Foreign Aid Programmes in Public Health Care especially EC funded projects.


04 – 10/2003


National Health  Fund Headquarters (NFZ)

Dr. K. Panas (Former President) – infolinia@nfz.gov.pl


Vice President for Medical Affairs / Acting President Director


The Board aimed to establish a non-for-profit compulsory health insurance fund servicing 33 million people and build the uniformed strategic health services purchasing model.

  • Designed and installed management information systems
  • Conceived and supervised the health insurance research projects including  costing and pricing analysis, to support the health service plan for Poland
  • Implemented an innovative health services and public health planning at provincial and country levels in order to build a tool for translating health policy into purchasing decisions  combining public health and personal health care issues
  • Develop training programmes for public and private healthcare providers
  • Develop, implement and manage public budgets and expenditure
  • Contribution to the Health Insurance Reform Act amendment


11/2001 -04/2003

Warsaw, Poland

Ministry of Health

Prof. M. Łapiński (Former Minister) – mlap@acn.waw.pl

Acting Director of Dept. of European Integration and International Relations / Advisor / Chairman of the  Public Health Policy Programme

  • Expedited the integration of more than 260 health laws and regulations as part of a national initiative to harmonize Polish laws and those of the European Union
  • Assumed control of analysing old laws, coordinating efforts across ministries and Parliament—with Poland successfully achieving membership of the EU in 2004
  • Special focus on PHARE 2003, including development and implementation of the Food Safety strategy; implementation of EU directives related to drinking and bathing water, harmonisation of the national pharmaceutical law with the relevant EU acquis
  • Establish the international settlement mechanism for health care services, according to the EU Coordination of Social Security Systems
  • Simultaneously presided over bilateral contacts and representation of the Ministry of

Health with global organisations including the OECD, UN, WHO (Health Surveys -EHIS, and NHA)and ILO

  • As part of reform strategy, combined the social health insurance system with public health, focusing on health financing, to Devised major amendment of the social health insurance reform law
  • Developed and implemented public budgets and expenditure improve public expenditure


11/1999 –12/2001


Łódż Regional Sickness Fund

Dr. W. Stelmach (Former Director) – sekretariat@nfz-lodz.pl

Medical Director – Regional Health Insurance Authority

Improvement of contracting methods for 40 hospitals, ambulatory specialists and general practitioners, to improve public expenditure;

Introduced a monitoring and reporting system to ensure equity in access to contracts for both public and private health providers. Building the Provincial Health Plan combining  Governors’ Public Health Plan and Health Insurance Services Plan


07/1999 – 11/1999


Marshal Office in Łódż

Mr. W. Matusewicz (Former Chairman) – info@lodzkie.pl

Advisor – Provincial Government

Develop and introduce the Regional Public Health Strategic Plan methodology combining public health and personal health care issues focused on an integration around service users  .





Voivodship Office Łódż/ Piotrków Tryb. (Governor’s Office)

G. Stępiński (Former Governor) – kontakt@lodz.uw.gov.pl / +44 6329717

Chief Medical Officer/ Director of the Dept. of (Public) Health / Chief Provincial Consultant –Health Promotion

Administering the integrated provincial public health system;

 Working on strengthening  the provincial public health threats preparedness and communicable diseases alert system

Spearheaded an emergency management system to make it an integral part of the integrated provincial public health system;

Contributed to public budgets and expenditure policy;

Contributed to 2 health laws in the country – Health Insurance Act and Emergency Management Act


09/1989 –10/1993


Regional  Hospital

Dr. M. Konieczko – +44 6480300 / secretariat@szpital-piotrkow.pl

Internist /

Specialist in Internal Medicine

Gastroenterological Department


06/1986 – 11/1989


Central Hospital –Zawia, Libya

Dr. M. Lahrash / Dr. El Kom – no contact (reference letter attached)

Internist, President of Polish Medical Staff

Selected administrative efforts including contacts with Libyan partners and reforming hospital payment system in order to improve the health expenditure methodology


11/1979 – 06/1986


Regional Hospital

Dr. M. Konieczko – +44 6480300


Gastroenterological Department


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