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By | May 21, 2015


What is diastema?

Space or gaps between two teeth mostly occur in anterior segment of teeth.

Causes of diastema

  1. Undersized teeth in larger jaw.
  2. Very large labial frenum that causes midline diastema(Gap between two maxillary central incisors)
  3. Habits such as lip biting (mostly lower lip), thumb sucking, tongue thrusting.
  4. Supernumerary teeth and heredity
  5. Large tongue that may push the teeth forward.
  6. Periodontal disease

Management of diastema:

  • Disatema can be corrected surgically, orthodontically and conservatively.
  • Mild to moderate diastema can be corrected conservatively withcomposite restoration
  • Very larger diastema will require orthodontic treatment
  • It can be corrected with veneers and crowns


  1. Removal of the cause if the cause is abnormal labial frenum then it should be removed surgically
  2. Shade selection.
  3. Isolation with cotton rolls
  4. Roughening of enamel surface with diamond bur
  5. Acid etching of enamel surface with phosphoric acid for 30seconds
  6. Washing and drying
  7. Application of bonding agent and curing for 20seconds
  8. Composite restoration is applied then mylar strip is placedproximally and held with thumb and forefinger facially and linguallyfor better contouring and cured for 40 seconds
  9. After polymerization remove the strip
  10. Finishing and polishing with carbide finishing burs and abrasive discs.


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