Virtual reality basic life support (vrbls)

By | June 11, 2015

Virtual reality will be utilized in every field in the near future and its scope in training and education is huge. Virtual reality provides the learning environment in an interactive way. Several studies have been conducted in implementing the application of virtual reality in life-saving interventions such as basic life support and advanced cardiac life support by medical students or doctors.

Effects of introducing a voluntary virtual patient module to basic life support with an automated external defibrillator course: a randomized trial

It was a randomized control trial and intervention was learning the BLS with a virtual patient. Experimental group students perform better in knowledge and skill acquisition.

How Virtual Reality May Change Medical Education And Save Lives

An informative article published in Forbes and explains the uses of virtual reality in medical education through simulation and virtual scenarios.

Hospital to Create Emergency Experiences Using Virtual Reality

A news item published in Insightful coverage of healthcare technology.